Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fishing Tackle Shopping?

Yea, so I am a girl and by that I should like shopping, right?  Well, I don’t…

On that note, Bass Pro Shop rocks when you want to look at fishing gear! Apparently I DO like Tackle shopping.  No, not full contact football-esk ‘tackle’ shopping, just shopping for fishing tackle!  I have zero clue what fish are found where, what bait they require, what bait goes with what – but I can tell you my reel is pretty…
It’s July 3rd and my daughter and her fiancĂ© have come for a visit. Future Son-in-law wants to go to Bass Pro Shop.  I am secretly like – YAY!  A little group of us are on the road, in Old Blue, rolling with the windows down!   Everyone takes off in different directions – “ooh, guns!” – “ooh, boats!” – “ooh, fishing gear!” – “ooh, Starbucks!!!”  Yea, I can sniff out a venti iced caramel macchiato at 2 miles!

At this point I got a little bonding time with my daughter (who I do not see nearly enough).  She went to the fishing ISLES with me. Aisle after aisle… Fishing rods, bait and reels as far as the eye could see.  Ok, I was blinded by it all and could not see past the tackle and my macchiato…

I start shopping and my daughter starts saying things like “do you have sinkers?”  “Do you have bobbers?”  “I remember fishing with these and they seemed to work well!”  And I am thinking – how does she know all this?  I never took her fishing.  She fished with her PopPop Delaware (her name for GrandPa Carson).  I think she may have fished with Wiley as well.  I am not sure.  At any rate, we tooled through the isles and found me all manner of tackle, a little RED tackle box and even a small tape measure to measure the fish by (her idea - such an optimist!).  My idea in bait shopping?  If the lure was pretty, I bought it.  Yea, daughter and my best person can attest to this.  All in all, it was well over $100 which is sad because I did NOT get that much!

Later that week I went to Bass Pro Shop with my best person and we looked around. Drooled over fishing rods and reels, purchased a trolling motor, fishnet (no, not the stockings I wear - and proof of optimism again) plus a bevy of things that I cannot even remember now.  That was a large bill.

So no one ever told me the incidentals for getting a boat onto the water (even a little nothing boat) would be so costly!

Lesson learned?

  1. Motors are expensive.
  2. Batteries are expensive (thank you 'best person')
  3. Boats are a lot of work, no matter how small, how old, or how simple they seem.

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