Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pinterest: An Unlikely Inspiration?

I joined Pinterest at the suggestion of Alys - like a year and a half ago, I think. Hard to say. It was before December 2011 - that is the only thing I know for sure.... That and I agree with this Pin!

I did not understand the concept of Pinterest.  I am not sure I understand it now, except I figure it is a way to share your 'likes' (ignoring the obvious marketing SpAm that wriggles its way into every social technology). Call me a sharing,caring soul... I surf Pinterest for ideas, motivation and "InSpIrAtIoN" for creative pursuits - again probably just the same as everyone else!

Over the year plus of "on again, off again, on again" Pinterest action on my laptop, I have created 17 frigg'n boards!  Why?  Dunno people, dunno...  I do know that each board, no matter how many or how few "pins" it has, is a small look into what makes me, 'me'. I am sure this is the same for every other Pinterest user... But hey, I need something to write? Right?

Most ever board has a quote that I think applies to my life and the board's contents.


  1. DIY Eventually ("DIY" because I am creative, "Eventually" because I am broke
    and tired)
  2. Food Porn (because I like to cook and this food is purdy - yet I have only made a few of the items and they are on my food blog)
  3. Personal Style (because, no one would believe it, but I didn't
    always dress like a poor librarian spinster)
  4. Growing the Greens (because I grow a garden every year now - thinking every spring I might eat healthy)     StOp LaUgHiNg
  5. Is this as Good as it Gets? (I just did it without a clue)
  6. Just for Kicks (because as far as social
    acceptability goes - these pins aren't acceptable)
  7. A Good Book has No Ending (I have not read that many "Non-Textbooks" in my life - but I do want to share)
  8. Shooting From the Hip (a passion I can no  
    longer afford - and could not find ammo if I did)
  9. A Good Movie is Hard to Find (because they are and I want to share my OPINION)
  10. When Music is Your Only Friend (because sometimes there is that song that was created just for you)
  11. To Accomplish Great Things (a board of
      things I want to do and places I want to go)
  12. A Journey of a Thousand Miles (a little 'not my photos' photo essay of a lot of my travels)
  13. Some of my Favorite Things (duh?)
  14. Wow Factor (pins of things I just looked at and said "wow")
  15. It Ain't Just for Martha Stewart Anymore (that Martha woman was not the first to come up with helpful hints - she was just successful at marketing herself)
  16. We Need to Talk About This (just things I read and said - "Ain't that right...")
    Gaspard Duiffopruggar
  17. Instruments of My Destruction (I will never
    be able to completely understand that one either)

The day I hit 30 some-odd 'repins' of a pin, I felt some satisfaction - like I had
accomplished something.  Strange sensation...  Stupid as hell really. It was a pin for The Green Mile movie.  Now it is at 82 repins.  Maybe not a big thing for most "Pinners" but huge to me...  I never was "popular" you know...

Why am I writing about this?  I am not sure, I just woke up a few days ago and thought to myself "Self, I want to write about my Pinterest" - and here I am...

If you want to view my little mental world - look up Cookie Galore and have fun (or be bored - as it could go either way).

Today's finds?
A light moisturizer DIY

And less blogging....


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