Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Week in Pictures; Color of Another Sort

This last week has been a busy, yet interesting week.

Sunday was a music celebration at Stoney Stonecipher's home. Probably about 18 musicians, 2 Jordanaires and probably 30 family and friends as guests. The music was really good. Quite a few were very accomplished professionals.  Many, if not most, of the pickers have weathered the unexpected loss of two beloved fellow musicians last month. I think the untimely passing of the two men might be driving folks to reach out to one another. 

Behind us was a small ranch with horses that seemed to delight in the children as much as the children delighted in the horses!

After the celebration I went with a friend to eat at the great new "Taste of Thai" restaurant location in Knoxville off North Peters road. 

On the menu, then on the table was pink lemonade and Tom Kha soup
Pink Lemonade

Tom Kha Chicken Soup

While waiting on the server, I caught this photo:
Ha, you can just catch the grease from car brakes there...
On the surface it seems to be a simple photo of just hands with a phone. But when I snapped it, I realized what was captured in color was pure talent. These hands have made music with the top original Bluegrass music artists ever. This pair of hands translate into action the thoughts of an accomplished professional aviator and musician, plus a self taught wood worker and mechanic. If you missed reading about "Old Blue", you can read about her Here, then you will know a little about the truck which is now restored to running perfection... 

The work week was CrAzY. Wednesday morning several of us rode together to a meeting a couple of hours away. The morning brought us this spectacular view of the sky. This is good since I'm no morning person. I do not like anyone before noon as a rule...

Lunch included one attendees ability to build a dessert that caused be to drool:
Ice cream sundae

A couple of us took a drive while waiting and I thought this view was cool:
Prevailing theme of my busy week is color.  It was full of color.
Colorful food.
Colorful lights.
Colorful skies.
Colorful drivers.
And unfortunately, from me, colorful language.....

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