Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Absolutely Beautiful Day

Total departure from my normal CrAzY!

I just want to share a good day and what I think are pretty pictures...

This past Saturday I was dragging around dreading an engagement.  I had promised a friend to go to a private party out on Norris Lake.  I was dragging because I did not know but one person and I was not feeling particularly social. But, I promised....

Had I backed out, this is a little of the visual I would have missed out on...


The host's house was not over the top in any fashion,however it was a lovely home on a beautiful lot by the a very large lake. When you walked around back, it became obvious that this would be cool!

The view  walking down the hill

Bluegrass as its finest!!!
Spectacular!  We walked down the hill to the lake and crossed the little area, you see here, to "The Point".  The bluegrass group played on the knoll - acoustic.  Duh, no power down there.

The water and shade trees kept the temperature down in the low 70's and there were no mosquitoes!!!

I parked my sweet arse on a rock, listened to the sweetest "old school Bill Monroe bluegrass"  songs, took a few pics, and people watched.

Bonus: I met several very nice folks!

All I know is, I am very glad I did not wuss or flake out and miss this beautiful day at the lake with nice folks, good pot luck and awesome music.

I know, 
where is the sarcasm?

I hope this share made you smile a little... :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Friday Night Entertainment: Norris Tennessee

Come out and join 50 - 100 of your newest closest friends at the Norris Community Center Friday nights 7:30-10:30pm with John Overton's band. At what other type event can you spend $6 for 3 hours of entertainment? Coupled with $1 sodas, $2 dawgs, numerous snacks, and all the dancing you can stand?  Noms are not nearly so cheap at the movies and dancing is exercise!

No matter your age, this is a good option for 3 hours of reasonably priced family friendly entertainment and socializing. If you fancy yourself an even remotely reasonably talented singer, step up to the mic even!

The first time I came here folks at the numerous tables offered up places to sit, take a load off, and listen to the music.  Now, my experience may have been skewed in that I was the guest of someone in the "music family" and, at the time unknown to me, apparently fairly well known in music circles - especially in our region.  Once done guest singing, quite a few folks came up thanking my 'sponsor' and reminiscing about recollections of their music days with Bill Monroe and Del McCoury (if you aren't familiar with those names, google away!). That is how I remember my first outing here anyway.  Scared the hell out of me because I'm not used to, nor comfortable with, even "attention by association" - without my Superman cape (otherwise known as a wig). I would have BoLTed out the door if it were not for trying to maintain some semblance of decorum.  As it were, I edged towards the exit – only to find folks outside stepping up to converse.  Hell, we were hit up at Shoney’s afterward, coming and going as well…

The band is made up of new soon-to-be, I hope, friends.  We have here John, the 'band leader' playing acoustic guitar and singing right purdy, a wonderful fiddler gone steel player & soulful-voiced singer, smooth bass player, lead guitar/deliciously-voiced singer, keep-the-beat drummer (also new to me), and a lively female vocalist. This local band’s country and old rock brings out the mature dancers to a venue without the aid of adult libations! I did not know this was possible!

Right now I'm sitting here at the “band members' friends & family table" (from what I have learned, this is normal where live bands are offered up) writing while I watch people dancing to the vibrant voices, woeful steel tones, sweet beats, and artful guitar licks in the lower lights.

I've just had chili-dawg #2 & an ice cold Co~Cola tonight.  This means I'm feeling good!

On any given Friday night you'll hear songs such as Borrowed Angel, The Twist, That Girl that Waits on Tables, You Ain't Woman Enough, Wash my Hands in Muddy Waters, Walking in the Rain, Walk Softly on this Heart of Mine, and the occasional Elvis trilogy by Elvis Evans (not his real name, but... Well, you probably get my drift).

Many of the ladies in attendance dress younger and sassier than one (meaning I) would expect in the countryside of East Tennessee.  They’re out to play in a sassy, but respectful, way (yes, a concept new to me).  The men's dress ranges from jeans and cowboy hats to dress pants and button downs. Right dapper!!!

Seriously, bring your dancing shoes because there is no shortage of men and women ready to dance it up!  In addition to the usual "Freestyle" & "Prom Hang", your experience could very well include (at a minimum) the 2-step, Rumba, Swing (no, I've no clue if it is East Coast, West Coast, or both), Waltzes, & NUMEROUS line dances...  Come alone or arrive in a pack!  You'll be taken into the fold...

Let me tell ya - GrandPas and GrandMas dancing puts a huge smile on my face (when I'm not having a full blown anxiety attack) because I grew up in a Baptist family and community where dancing just didn't happen.  I giggle while watching the elders "getting down" freestyle to The Twist and I'm marveling at an elder couple dancing, quite well, what looks to be the Viennese Waltz.  The white-haired lone lady (with the sassiest white fringed cowboy boots) what has way more get-up-and-groove than I'll ever possess. I think it quite possible that she has that flamenco dancer's extra vertebrae. Then you'll catch the line dances!  I had no idea how many there are!

The money walk commences an hour into the show. Since I don’t handle them there group games well myself, I've not joined in and thus I'm still unsure about how that group circle there works. Two hours in are the door prize and "half-n-half" drawings.

I enjoy the Friday nights I spend here when I'm at this table. I've hung up my dance card, but I'll be happy to help you find a partner. 

Come by, sit, dance, stay awhile! 
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