Monday, July 1, 2013

Stick'n Beans Cowboy Style and the Run???

So, on the last 2 Sundays I have been down at the farm "sticking pole beans".

OK - yes, there is an "art" to this.

First, one must understand "being the cowboy".  This means you do things the best, most efficient way with as little discomfort as possible.  An example would be working in the field so as to take advantage of the ever-moving position of the sun and trees - staying in the shade as much and as long as possible.

The bean seeds are planted 2'-2.5' apart in two rows.

You obtain poles, which in our case means my brother drives to the canebrakes (arundinari gigantea) and cuts cane poles in such a way as to not damage tractor tires later. "No More Pointy STUBS!!!"  

When the bean plants come up, but before they 'run', you must water the ground around the plants so the canes can be stuck into the ground.  The dry earth at our family farm is H A R D!!!

The canes are pushed into the ground just out past the root system of the bean plant.

The canes are gathered in toward the center and tied. 

At the point you finish the row (or rows) of beans, you step back and ogle your accomplishment.

You go to the river. 
You watch your mom have fun!

You go to the barn. 

You find a new friend...
Can you find the Rattle Snake?


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