Monday, January 19, 2015


This probably belongs in my foods blog, Cookie Cooks.... But, it's more of an addiction than a food choice really....

I was sitting innocently at work at LMU one day in the summer 2010 when my boss /friend brought in Starbucks' iced caramel macchiato. I have never been a coffee person, but suddenly I was hooked.

I got a gold CrackBucks card in 2011. I should have invested....

I've taken 1001 photos, or there abouts...
Airport crack

Vacation crack

Travel crack

Gift crack

Fashionable crack

Art crack 

Soul crack

Busy crack

Hide a crack...


Natural crack

Techno crack

Topless crack

Photo bomb crack

Natural crack habitat

New crack container

Sweets and crack

Where's my crack?

Crack want a be

Oh, not crack....

Crack whore......

Just plain crack residing at CrackBucks

So, at over $5 a hit, and 400-something calories a venti whole milk version (with whip added), I found that a drink a day was adding up... Figure $150 a month and an added 60 pounds to me....  

Can we say addiction.... And whole milk because flavor rides on fat. The drink is creamier.

So, I've completely revamped. I but maybe 2 a week and I make the rest. I've gone to 2% milk, no added whip, and a grande size (smaller).

This has cut about 170 calories and $100 a month.

Milk, caramel topping, vanilla syrup, espresso grind Starbucks coffee beans and an espresso maker.

My kind of happy ending....


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    1. no way. Ice ice baby..... Different recipe all together


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