Thursday, June 27, 2013


OK, so I was reading today's blog post by my friend Reba K. Writes. Today's was about Celeb Girl Crushes. You have to go read and check photos. 

I agreed with her picks but then decided that made me a cougar of sorts because I agreed with her picks. Ok, I am joking - bad joke. But, funny to me.....

Then I thought, "wait, I have lady crushes of my own" and went picture finding...

Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai - it doesn't get prettier....

Isabella Rossellini

 Isabella Rossellini was just simply beautiful!!!!!!!!

Dita Von Teese
DVT is just hot for a broad...
Sherilyn Fenn

I just think Fenn is cute.

Rita Hayworth
 Yes, Rita Hayworth - I just had to have two pictures of her...
Rita Hayworth

Raquel Welch - Sex Bomb!

Raquel Welch is da bomb

Ken Watanabe

Oh, uh, ooops, I just have a crush on Ken W - but HE is obviously NOT a lady/girl................

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ice, Ice... Maybe???

Is it half full or half empty?  

So I arrived at work 20 minutes early today (and NO, I do NOT know why I did this – and YES, I am as sane as I ever was………  Stop laughing. 


I had left my trusty Crackbucks (RED) stainless steel tumbler on my desk last night so I snatched it up and  
tooled back to the kitchen to wash it, ice it, and pour baby pour………

Then it happened.


I open the freezer and there are a few cubes of ice in the ice bucket.  Thinking I like to FILL my tall tumbler with ice, I skip the bucket and reach for an ice tray. 
My usual modus operandi is to:
  • Twist the tray to loosen the cubes          
    Yep, actual footage here...
  • Pull enough ice to fill my cup
  • Dump the remainder in the ice bucket
  • Fill the empty tray with water
  • Stuff filled trays back in freezer
Easy Peasy!!!

Doesn’t that seem like the polite thing to do?  My parents raised me to be this way. You know?

This morning I had “MY” fill (no pun intended). As with MANY times here at work, I pull one of the 5 ice trays out and it was half full.  Half full is acceptable IF:
  • You do not have an ice bucket to turn the clean cubes out in to when done pilfering them from the tray
  • If there is no fresh water to refill the tray with
  • If Godzilla is after you and you simply don’t have time for fear of death or dismemberment
Why? WHY do people do this?  Do they:
  • Do this at home?
  • Think this is their house?
  • Assume someone else will pick up after them?
  • Have live in maids at home?
  • Have an Ice-Tender?
People, no one here is your mommy. No one here is your maid. Grow up.

I think I am going to go on strike

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wings and Thingys....

Earlier this week a workmate/friend mentioned the Big Kahuna Wing Festival coming up yesterday at the World's Fair Park.  I was also alerted that Pridefest would be going on down there at the same time. I'm not sure what my expectations where, but I was sure it would be a colorful outing.

Friday I stopped at Food City to pick up the wing fest tickets.  I then commenced to getting the animal children (4 leg'd kind, not my 26 year old) fed and cared for so I could go to bed early. I had a wicked "tired" taking me over all day Friday.  Saturday morning I drug around like the undead.  I didn't have to get up and out until 11:00am, but I woke up at six-o'dark-thirty. Buggars...  I had a powerful hunger and had to go spelunking in the dank/dark fridge to locate foodz.  I had success! Check out "Cookie Cooks" to see how that went!

No, there are times when I have NO life...

Anywho, I drug-ass out to the "WFP" with a companion, and got caught up in the Pridefest parade. I do NOT mean we jumped in. We did not mean to.  Nope.  We simply passed up parking places we should have parked in, thinking they were too far away.  Like we could not walk????  Dooooop!  Then ended up down driving on the park grounds.  Just when we thought we were home free, we realized there was a very loud and colorful parade - on the road we needed to be on....  In the way. In OUR way... In the way of several cars.  Just as we approached the intersection of "oh hell" and "this can't be happening" the traffic cop frantically waved us through to the left (when we needed to go straight) and headlong into a log jam of angry 'interesting', and mostly tattooed, women on large motorcycles.

Getting off their bikes.

In the middle of the road.

Behind us was a drag-queen displayed on a TOPLESS convertible.

Were surrounded and could not get out.  Dammit.

I like laying low, so this whole scene was not caught on 'film' and I was getting pretty 'uptight' shall we say?  Yes, "uptight" is a good term......

This little 'fun' fest lasted only a few minutes.  The same brain surgeon traffic cop who waved us through managed to lock up the whole intersection.  Then told us to go 'around' the biker ladies.  That didn't happen either.  We ended up just waiting until they moved their loud machines off down the road.  We got out of the way of her-highness.

We eventually made it back around to the original empty parking spaces.  They were filled.  We found places under the overpass - a nice hoof away.  Great...  Exercise...

While walking around, I noted a lot of 'angry' people.  Just saying...  I hate to say it, but I will have to examine my mood before attending anything of this nature again. Even by accident. Ha. I think if a group of humans wish to sway people over to being accepting of their 'lifestyle', it would be a good idea not to exude anger "en masse". I also thought something called "pridefest" would be less "demonstration" and more "fest". I am supportive of other views and lifestyles and I was kind of turned off a little by the attitudes.  Just my opinion...  I guess I live in a void.

We did make our way, finally, to Wing Fest and presented out tix so we could bypass lines getting in (only to find out that we needed to purchase other tix to buy things such as SnoCones...)  More lines and delays.  It was HOT.  When I say hot, I mean I was schweating.  We tooled about eating wing after wing after wing.  Thirty vendors and we only were able to stand hitting up about half.  There were some good wings, but few to write home about.  My friend Mr. PT SHOULD cook HIS wangs at an event such as this as he could win!

I puttered out by getting too hot and dehydrated.  We all just walked to the car, en masse, and left.

No, nothing more to say.  It was a strange day but we did manage to have fun.

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