Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ice, Ice... Maybe???

Is it half full or half empty?  

So I arrived at work 20 minutes early today (and NO, I do NOT know why I did this – and YES, I am as sane as I ever was………  Stop laughing. 


I had left my trusty Crackbucks (RED) stainless steel tumbler on my desk last night so I snatched it up and  
tooled back to the kitchen to wash it, ice it, and pour baby pour………

Then it happened.


I open the freezer and there are a few cubes of ice in the ice bucket.  Thinking I like to FILL my tall tumbler with ice, I skip the bucket and reach for an ice tray. 
My usual modus operandi is to:
  • Twist the tray to loosen the cubes          
    Yep, actual footage here...
  • Pull enough ice to fill my cup
  • Dump the remainder in the ice bucket
  • Fill the empty tray with water
  • Stuff filled trays back in freezer
Easy Peasy!!!

Doesn’t that seem like the polite thing to do?  My parents raised me to be this way. You know?

This morning I had “MY” fill (no pun intended). As with MANY times here at work, I pull one of the 5 ice trays out and it was half full.  Half full is acceptable IF:
  • You do not have an ice bucket to turn the clean cubes out in to when done pilfering them from the tray
  • If there is no fresh water to refill the tray with
  • If Godzilla is after you and you simply don’t have time for fear of death or dismemberment
Why? WHY do people do this?  Do they:
  • Do this at home?
  • Think this is their house?
  • Assume someone else will pick up after them?
  • Have live in maids at home?
  • Have an Ice-Tender?
People, no one here is your mommy. No one here is your maid. Grow up.

I think I am going to go on strike

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