Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fishing - If It Were Easy, It Would Be Called Catching...

Coming soon for your reading enjoyment (or at least a blog that will provide you with someone to point fingers at, shake your head toward and poke fun at) will be a series of posts chronicling my spiraling fall into pleasure fishing.  I call it pleasure fishing because I have no expectations of catching anything except a case of heat exhaustion, a sunburn, and maybe a hang-over while in pursuit of relaxation and happiness with friends on the water...  Wait!  Which part of that was pleasure?  Hummm...  Well, I am sure it will be an adventure rife with misadventure at the very least and fun bonding with a bud.

As a mid-life woman in the midst of a BOAT LOAD of change, I found myself needing to find ways to relax on the weekends. I fell into camping, when I could, which I had not done really since I was a child. I LOVE it!  The natural progression in my mind was to start fishing since I have an old boat collecting dust…

I have a sneaking suspicion it will not stop there.
  • I have already begun searching for a camper to put near water – a little get-away really… 
  • My old boat is being overhauled (oh yea, story and photos to follow in the very near future).
  • Fishing rod/reel and tackle collection started (and yes, you may well be subjected to an inventory of said items).
  • Trolling motor ready (no, I never thought THAT would excite me - but it does).
  • Cedar scraps collected to start making fishing lures like my Grandfather did and had my brother and I doing at one time as kids.

This adventure promises to produce stories including shellacked fingers, trailer backing disasters, fish-bites, blowouts and bloodshed…

If I manage to produce a fish now and again - or my person does - so much the better.  I can re-learn to clean them and I definitely know I can cook them!

Stay Tuned!

~ Cookie Galore

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