Friday, September 27, 2013

Beaches and Bit@e$

So a couple of months ago I went to the beach for the first time in several years. I vacationed in Chincoteague, Virginia (where they do the running of the wild ponies) back about 2008 and Myrtle Beach about five years before that.

Not so little me...
So the last of July, this year, a few of us drove to Charleston, South Carolina, spent the night, saw the Angel Oak Tree and got bored? Yes, I was not the bored person. But, since I had seen Charleston before, I did not raise a ruckus. We drove to Myrtle Beach for the rest of the week. No reservations, just pulled in and got a room for $80 a night. Not bad...

The view during the day.


The evening view.

I actually road the Sky Wheel. I am scared crazy of those things, but was talked into it. As you can see, I am alive still yet. Who knew? It was kind of fun.

I woke up at 7-something each morning and went out on the beach to hunt shells. I don't remember hunting shells before...

I found shells! 

I instagramed shells! 
How do you like my new yellow Myrtle Beach towel?

I took shells home!

We went to Dick's Last Resort - and we got a good laugh out of the GPS screen on the way. 

I got a new paper hat from the waiter... I unveiled this little beauty in an earlier post.

We also went to the adult only "Wild for Hyposis Show". It was a little distance from Myrtle Beach itself. It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I suggest going to it if you find yourself down there...

Oh, you are possibly wondering where the Bit@he$ part comes in?  Well, I was just plainly cranky the whole trip because I had a bit of a reaction to the sunscreen. Apparently I am not able to use those Dry Oil deals... Yea, I just wanted to throw Bit@he$ in there...

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