Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Wedding, Music and a Sunset Progresses

So this past weekend I was the Hoof Wiggins Band's "plus-one" at a wedding held at King Family Vineyards in Crozet, VA.

"~~~Cookie, what in the name of all that is holy do you mean by that?~~~"

It means everyone I was hanging out with, that day, was a musician/vocalist for the Hoof Wiggins Band, for the wedding. I was just an invited tagalong...  This, at a wedding, leads to something called "feeling out of place". So, my main objective Sunday (wedding day) was to stay out of everyone's way and not horn in on the festivities. I think I did ok at it, altough I was a little bored during set-up and sound-check, plus I got cold as the sun went down, but the view was stunning.

We started out wataching Polo, noshing on snacks, and drinking wine before the wedding planner's schedule took complete hold of the band. This day was a stunningly perfect day of mild temperatures and sunshine.

Boredom, during set-up, brought on the beginning of photos.

This is my dress, the bench and the wooden floor where I sat quietly.  I know - when am I ever quiet..... 


I think this is called the "headstock" or "scroll" of an upright bass. I am not sure. I looked at a parts list. All I know is, I think it is beautiful. I have, on two separate occasions, managed to take photos of this particular upright-bass. I know very little about musical instruments, I just know that I am infatuated with Fiddles,Violins, and Stand-up Bass instruments. I changed it to a bright black and white photo after cropping it to death... I think it is pretty.

As I sat outside during the reception, I enjoyed the mild weather on the porch under a lattice cover with vines growing all about. I really like these...

Then came the sunset. At first I thought "awww, that is nice!"

Then came "wow, how pretty!!"

That developed into "holy cow, the sky's on fire!!!"

All that excitement melted away into "oh, bye bye pretty sunset..."

It was actually a pretty good day...
And the band sounded great~!!!

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